Digital Twin for CardioRespiratory Analysis

Functional diagnostics with 92% accuracy
Medical response time reduced to minutes
Healthcare cost cut by 86%

MedLea revolutionizes cardiorespiratory analysis by its Unique Exponential Platform 
delivering augmented efficacy on Patient Management, therapeutic and interventional Decision Support, Telemedicine Monitoring, Drug Delivery 

Natural and Mechanical Ventilation
Spot Blockages and Quantify Lesions
Optimal Drugs & Aerosol Delivery

Radiological Segmentation
Non-Invasive Functional Testing
Biomechanical Modeling


Blood Flow Anomalies
Virtual Stenting, Angioplasty & Wiring
Perfusion, Coagulation, Hemolysis

Patient Support Programs
Patient Awareness & Drug Adherence
Custom Setting for IOT & Wearables

Education in University Hospitals
Preventive Training for Professionals
Drug Safety and Efficacy

An example of the workflow


Reconstruct anatomical conduits by image segmentation and registration


Diagnose blockages and lesions by harvesting Artificial Intelligence


Assess regional circulatory state for functional analysis


Quantify blood gas levels for optimal clinical guidance

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