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The first Digital Twin for cardio-respiratory analysis

Delivering real-time morphological and functional biomarkers

Cutting down medical response time and healthcare costs by 86%

Revolutionizing respiratory care with cutting-edge software solutions
Let’s have a look at some numbers related to respiratory issues.

Millions people suffer from chronic respiratory disease.


Millions people suffer from COPD.


Of people with respiratory problems are misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed.


Of them go through intensive care units.

What we offer

1. Lungs morphological and functional assessment

Quantify blockages, lesions, oncological regions of interest

Optimize drug and aerosol delivery

2. Detect blood flow anomalies and plaque conditions

Virtual Stenting, Angioplasty & Wiring

Quantify perfusion, coagulative & hemolytic indicators

3. Patient support programs

Patient awareness & drug adherence

Custom settings for IOT & wearables

4.  Functional response from radiological post-processing

Tissues and airways biomechanics

5. Education in Universities & Hospitals

Preventive training for professionals

Drug safety & efficacy

Gif representing a 3D lung

MedLea  platform allows accessing the full respiratory picture by structuring radiological and clinical data into the patient digital twin. It improves quality and coverage of care, increases the access to health information, raises awareness and promotes positive changes in health behaviors.

Example of the workflow completed in minutes


WeResp is the next generation solution to quantity the ventilatory map, fluxes in the airways and parenchyma, and the amount of oxygen in exchange with the blood stream. It analyzes radiological, spirographic, vital signs, ABG and ECG data to deliver focal functional content.


AInspector is the most powerful combination of the subject history and associated data tree, whose role is to discover impressive amount of hidden correlations that would be impossible to determine by human effort. Radiology, spirometry, ABG, ECG, vitals, metadata and reports are analyzes collectively to profile the patient state and visualize statistical plots and temporal trends.


DigiScan takes as input tomographic images and reconstructs in full automation the complex respiratory conduits, it can be used to derive airways, nasal and oropharyngeal cavities, pulmonary tracts and multi-branched vasculature. It is a comprehensive tool to derive biomechanical details and tissue softness, detecting and quantifying nodules, emphysema and interstitial lesions.

Stock photo of a team meeting and photo of the Medlea team

4 years of experience

Who is MedLea ?

MedLea is driven by world experts in life science, computer science and bioengineering, accomplishing the most articulated organizational objectives while embracing a modern approach to delivering with efficiency and care of details. Its code of ethics promotes inclusivity and fairness by empowering individuals and teamwork and align its members to the company core values.

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ISO 13485:2016

MedLea conforms to the Quality Management System for the following scope : Design and Development of Software for the Processing of Radiological Data, Clinical Data, and Telemedicine Health Data for the Analysis of Cardiorespiratory Diseases

ISO 9001:2015

MedLea conforms to the Quality Management System Standard for the Software development for the processing of radiological data, clinical data and telemedicine health data for the analysis of pathophysiological respiration and prediction of lung disease - IAF 33