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MedLea and Healthia sign a strategic partnership

Jan 2022 - Active in Telehealth and Telemedicine,  Healthia Srl and MedLea have signed a strategic agreement to jointly offer personalized solutions for oxygen treatment and patient monitoring. Welcome on board to our new friends from Healthia, a long and prosperous path is awaiting ahead.

MedLea and INFN sign a strategic partnership

Oct 2021 - As experts in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and biomechanical simulations, the National Institute for Nuclear Physics brings a multi-year experience and value chain in analyzing radiological data and data science. Together with MedLea's focused business the partnership will bring substantial results in terms of technical excellence.

MedLea joins forces to fight COVID-19

Sept 2020 - The latest COVID-19 outbreak predictions estimate that cases will far exceed available ventilator resources. MedLea is partnering with Fondazione Monasterio in Tuscany, Italy and Cuneo Hospital in Piedmont, Italy to provide substantial solutions in terms of respiratory consequences of COVID-19 patients.

MedLea is part of the BreatheEasy project

Mar 2019 - Project BreathEasy was initiated by OnScale, a Cloud Simulation company, Lexma Technology and MedLea.
The objective of this consortium is to combine state-of-the-art technologies to develop predictive and functional models able to inform and optimize ventilator treatment plan. The companies prepared early proofs-of-concept for Digital Twins of human lungs using anonymous COVID-19 patients CT imaging. We are currently testing the solution with medical experts and are actively seeking additional partners and advisors.
Learn more and join us at: www.ProjectBreathEasy.org 

MedLea and Lexma Technology expand partnership

Jan 2019 - Following a deep convergence of vision, MedLea and Lexma Technology LLC, a US-based company developing fluid dynamic solutions for Computed-Aided Engineering are joining forces in terms of technological partnership for a first, highly scalable solutions translating methods from engineering and physics to precision medicine.

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