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Comprehensive and accurate ventilatory analysis


WeResp is the next generation solution to  quantify the ventilatory state. Powered by ultrafast GPU computing, it analyzes radiological, spirographic, vital signs, ABG and ECG data to deliver focal functional content on several biomarkers, including oxygen levels in the blood stream. Reporting and annotations tools included


Used from any computer, tablet and mobile device through the most common web browsers. No special installations and compliant with the highest IT standards for data security 


Quantitative analysis of blood flow in vasculature


HemoTac evaluates how blood flows in multi-branched blood vessels. By quantifying blood flow anomalies the Digital Twin is updated with simulation data and indicators on clotting, hemolysis, pressure, fractional flow reserve and structural stress


Used from any computer, tablet and even mobile phone through the most common web browsers. No special installations and compliant with elevated IT standards for data security


Solid models reconstructed from tomographic scans


DigiScan reconstructs complex anatomical conduits, such as airways, nasal and oropharyngeal cavities, pulmonary tracts and multi-branched vasculature starting to generate fully fledged three-dimensional representations of the digital twin, comprehensive of biomechanical details and encoding tissue softness. Annotations and comprehensive mesh editing tools available


From any computer, tablet and even mobile devices through the most common web browsers. No special installations and compliant with elevated IT standards for data security


AI discovers data correlations and trends


AI and Digital Twin is the most powerful combination to leverage Big Data around the subject history. AInspector discovers impressive amount of hidden correlations that would be impossible to determine by human effort


Radiology, spirometry, ABG, ECG, Vital Signs, metadata  and reports are all utilized to profile the patient state and visualized by statistical plots and intuitive knowledge graphs


Compatible with most web technologies to exchange data in hospital or corporate environments where data must be secured. Usable from any computer, tablet and mobile device in a browser or as a stand-alone client

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Optimize aerosols inhaled in mucus-rich conduits

Powdered or liquid drugs deposited in airways at different particles size, polydispersity and anatomical details with high-fidelity simulations boosted by GPUs


Assess interstitial lesions for Covid19

Lesions automatically detected and categorized, further analyzed by ventilatory response versus the degree of progression of disease


Spot air blockages and turbulence in upper and lower respiratory tracts

Nasal and oropharyngeal cavities reconstructed in its fine details. Air digitally inhaled to inform about blockages, temperature gradients and inflammatory loci


Reconstruct and inspect blood vessels from any organ

Multiple bifurcations and complex shapes of blood vessels extracted at subpixel information in radiological images


Circulatory stress on endothelium of large arteries

Blood flow in complex anatomies by a fully automatized algorithm to deliver wall shear stress and pulsatile disturbances 


Blood cells and plasma flows in CT-reconstructed arteries

Focal indicators on hemolysis, clotting and cellular stress by a cell-level hemodynamic analysis

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