WeResp for mucus evaluation in COPD


Ever had a persistent cold in your chest and you could not clear? The discomfort is frustrating and clearing airways is problematic. Lung disease is a potentially fatal condition and over 250 million people worldwide suffer from the COPD, and millions of others suffer from dangerous lung diseases, such as cystic fibrosis or environmental lung disease.

MedLea's Digital Breathing Diagnostic creates a simulated environment that replicates lung function and mucus movement to elicit motion inside the airways and how to clear out of the lungs. The breakthrough technology predicts truly effective therapeutic strategies — moving us closer to solving this global health issue.

First evaluation of cost reduction


MedLea’s patient-specific pulmonary modeling technology is a new non-invasive test that uses proprietary AI-boosted algorithms in biomechanics and data from chest CT scan to assist physicians in diagnosing respiratory disease and identification of specific blockages. 
Analysis of the potential positive impact of MedLea's platform on healthcare costs and patient outcomes shows that using MedLea's technology to guide selection of treatment by ventilation, bronco and vasodilators, reduces healthcare costs by 86%.

MedLea and INFN 

MedLea and INFN have signed a strategic partnership to analyze Covid19 patients and in an effort to support the medical community in fighting the pandemics in intensive care units.

NVIDIA Inception


MedLea is part of NVIDIA Inception, an acceleration platform for AI, data science and High Performance Computing startups, providing critical go-to-market support, expertise, and technology. The  NVIDIA Inception nurtures cutting-edge startups that are revolutionizing industries. The development of extreme computing solutions poses MedLea are the forefront of digital medicine.

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