WeResp is the next generation solution to evaluate the resistance and elasticity of respiratory tracts to air and mucus.  It is a patient specific device that uses radiological, spirograph and metadata to deliver functional content

DigiScan  reconstructs anatomical conduits, airways, nasal and oropharyngeal cavities, pulmonary tracts and vasculature starting to generate digital twins with biomechanical features


HemoTac is the solution to assess the flow of blood and cells in vasculature and devices and deliver quality indicators on clotting, hemolysis, pressure and structural stress 

Upper and lower respiratory tracts

Nasal and oropharyngeal cavities are reconstructed and airflow provides functional blockages and inflammatory states for accurate interventional planning.

Particle transport in cavities

When virus and particulate transport are inhaled the adhesion to the mucosae is quantified for different particles size, polydispersity and anatomical details.

Interstitial lesions assessment

Interstitial lesions are automatically detected and categorized. Ventilatory response predicts the degree of progression of diseases such as Covid19.

Blood vessels detection and reconstruction

The multiple bifurcations and complex shapes of blood vessels are reconstructed by leveraging AI to extract the subpixel information in the radiological images.

Pulsatile blood flow of large arteries

Simulated blood flow in complex geometries by a fully automatized algorithm. Boosted by GPUs, results are delivered in minutes.

Cell sorting in devices

As in anatomical conduits, our technology reproduces the motion of cells in devices of arbitrary shape, delivering indicators on hemolysis, clotting and cellular stress.

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